[R-sig-Geo] index of eccentricity

David March Morlà david.march at uib.es
Tue May 5 09:57:39 CEST 2009

Dear list,

I would like to calculate an index of eccentricity (ECC) of an animal's 
home range (a polygon determined with adehabitat package and then 
exported as shapefile). ECC=l/w, where 'l' is the maximum lenght of the 
polygon, and 'w' is the maximum width of the polygon. Could you 
suggestme any package that implements this function or that could help 
me to compute 'l' and 'w'?
Thank you,

David March Morlà
Doctorando / PhD candidate
Fisheries-GIS specialist
Instituto Mediterraneo de Estudios Avanzados (UIB-CSIC)
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Islas Baleares - Spain
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