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Patrick Giraudoux patrick.giraudoux at univ-fcomte.fr
Thu Dec 31 12:48:04 CET 2009

Patrick Giraudoux a écrit :
> Renaud Lancelot a écrit :
>> Dear Patrick,
>> I recently met this issue. I finally used image() on the 
>> SpatialGridDataFrame, defining the appropriate colors using the col 
>> argument (étonnant, non ;-)). I have defined the legend using 
>> legend(), and I used split.screen() to arrange the plots. 
> It was my point. In this case, you must have defined many breakpoints 
> (to create appropriate intervals for each code) to get all the codes 
> at the right color, which is quite tedious, isn't it ? I wonder if 
> this can be simplified. Ideally importing a color table. Maybe a new 
> function to write (thus to put on the many pending "to do").

PS: by the way, Renaud, if you connect to 
http://pagesperso-orange.fr/giraudoux/, you can download an unofficial 
package 'pgirbric' (when I am sure things work well I move them to 
pgirmess). I have written some functions (based on splancs and sp) to 
extract info from rasters using buffer centred on points or polygons. A 
quite common business in my field of ecology but with no programmes (to 
my knowledge) doing it easy. The latest functions are on the development 
version pgirbric 1.1.4 (I had quite busy Xmas vacation playing on 
Alevolar echinococcosis distribution in China).

Feed-back and suggestions appreciated if they are usable to your own work.

sp, splancs, maptools, spdep, rgdal, etc... are really great things ! 
GRASS and QGIS also.



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