[R-sig-Geo] comparing raster and vector data with Grass/R

Schmitt Thierry thierry_schmitt at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 6 23:09:44 CET 2007

Hi members of the list

I am new to the R community (somewhat to the grass community also). I would like to see if there is any correlation between vector data (polyline connected to a db file) and classes from an analysis on a raster file. Namely I have an underwater DEM (raster 4m resolution) and transects of interpreted underwater camera (vector-db, one transect is around 30m).
My aim would to plot one of the variable from the "camera" transect vs. the classes extracted along the co-located raster transect. 

If anybody could give a hint or some area of investigation, it will be more than welcome.


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