[R-sig-Geo] adehabitat

Clément Calenge calenge at biomserv.univ-lyon1.fr
Wed Oct 25 08:51:31 CEST 2006

Dear Duncan,

> This was a useful comment as I was doing something similar at the same 
> time as Milton. I thought it worth mentioning that I found that when 
> using sp0.9-2 I needed to fix the function spixdf2kasc in order to get 
> sp data into the adehabitat kasc format.
> The line that reads  ka <- as.data.frame(attr(sg at data, "att"))
> should be changed to
> ka <- sg at data
Many thanks for this comment. This will be included in the next version 
which will be uploaded on CRAN before the end of the week.
Best wishes,

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