[R-sig-Geo] installing rgdal on Ubuntu 6.10

Patrick Giraudoux patrick.giraudoux at univ-fcomte.fr
Sun Dec 17 13:02:09 CET 2006

Tim Keitt a écrit :
> Try installing libgdal1-1.3.1-dev which contains the header files and 
> should have gdal-config.
OK. Just dit it... Worked well and rgdal could then be installed from R. 
First trials within R and some rgdal examples came OK.

Anyway, I will look further about "prevu" and also a way to manage with 
up-dated version of gdal as Roger advised.

Many thanks,


> You may run into problems with incompatible library versions. Ubuntu 
> updates every 6 months, but the R world seems never to stop rolling 
> along.
> I've found the Ubuntu "prevu" utility extremely helpful as it fully 
> automates backporting from the development branch. Take a look here: 
> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=268687 
> <http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=268687>
> Once installed and configured, you  can build an R 2.4 package for 
> Edgy by typing "prevu r-base-core". Similarly for gdal "prevu gdal". 
> The utility will put the new packages into a local repository and ask 
> if you want to add it to your sources list. If you do add the local 
> repository, the next "apt-get dist-upgrade" will install your 
> backported packages. I know it sounds a bit complicated, but it really 
> is fairly easy.
> I'm hoping CRAN in the future will try to stay compatible with the R 
> version found in the major binary distributions!
> Cheers,
> On 12/16/06, * Patrick Giraudoux* <patrick.giraudoux at univ-fcomte.fr 
> <mailto:patrick.giraudoux at univ-fcomte.fr>> wrote:
>     Deal all,
>     I am moving from Windows XP to Ubuntu and hopefully work on the two
>     plateform and more an more on Linux (an old dream). Thus I am a
>     newby in
>     Linux. I have installed R 2.4 (note that the R-cran repository
>     must be
>     added manually to the synaptic package manager - if not one get R 2.3
>     from universe).
>     gdal 1.3.1 has been installed via the synaptic package manager (thus
>     most likely well).
>     The trouble comes installing the package rgdal. I get this message:
>     The gdal-config script distributed with GDAL could not be found.
>     If you have not installed the GDAL libraries, you can
>     download the source from  http://www.gdal.org/
>     If you have installed the GDAL libraries, then make sure that
>     gdal-config is in your path. Try typing gdal-config at a
>     shell prompt and see if it runs. If not, use:
>     --configure-args='--with-gdal-config=/usr/local/bin/gdal-config' echo
>     with appropriate values for your installation.
>     ERROR: configuration failed for package 'rgdal'
>     ** Removing '/usr/local/lib/R/site-library/rgdal'
>     typing gdal-confing at a shell prompt does not run indeed, but I don't
>     have the lesser idea of what the next line advised to be used means:
>     --configure-args='--with-gdal-config=/usr/local/bin/gdal-config' echo
>     For instance, I have tried
>     locate gdal-config
>     to find were the directory or file mentioned may be found... useless.
>     I have googled a bit through mailing lists where this question is
>     sometime raised, but did not find helpful answers.
>     Any hint?
>     Patrick
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