[R-sig-Geo] Can you krige with a nominal response variable

Edzer J. Pebesma e.pebesma at geo.uu.nl
Thu Dec 7 11:49:36 CET 2006


The indicator kriging idea does not stop at a single binary variable. 
The "standard" (or "Stanford"?) way of getting non-negative predictions, 
and possibly predictions that sum to one is rather pragmatic--simply 
postprocessing predictions. There is a cleaner solution, called 
compositional kriging, which adds the "predictions should be 
non-negative and sum to one" constraint to the kriging system, but I 
don't know if implemenations are available in R. For compositional data 
analysis you may want to explore the R package compositions. I believe 
it does not do compositional kriging, but perhaps its author has 
suggestions; I Cc:'d this email to the author.

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Pierce, Ken wrote:
> Is there a method for kriging a response with multiple states, for
> instance vegetation class in 10 classes? I know indicator kriging would
> work for a boolean variable. Is there an extension for multiple
> responses?
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