[R-sig-Geo] Voronoi polygons: New question: Spatial Registration of spatial data layers?

Edzer J. Pebesma e.pebesma at geo.uu.nl
Thu Apr 28 09:06:37 CEST 2005

Rick Reeves wrote:

>Thanks for everyone's advice and suggestions on this topic;
>Looks like the cells() method of tripack provides me with 
>the information I need to solve my problem. 
>Now, if you don't mind, another question. Is it possible to
>spatially register multiple data layers (in the classic GIS
>fashion) so as to identify multiple attributes from all the 
>layers for the same geographic coordinate? The 'point in 
>polygon' problem, with multiple map layers. 
>No doubt I could (and would) solve this using GRASS and the
>R interface, but several ecologists here at the Center 
>would like to have an 'R only' solution. 
Rick, you may want to have a closer look at the
sp package, which is on its way to CRAN (submitted last night).
I think it does what you want: attributes in data.frames,
each row related to topology (of point, grid cell, line,
or polygon type). You could see a column in the data.frame
part then as a GIS data layer.

An early announcement is found here:


and the home page and graph gallery is at

Keep us posted on whether it fits your needs.


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