[R-sig-Geo] Parallelizing spatial computations

Virgilio Gómez Rubio Virgilio.Gomez at uv.es
Mon Mar 1 18:27:08 CET 2004


I have to run lots of simulations based on several spatial scan
statistics. Since the main overhead is due to a call to 'apply' , I 
was wondering whether it could be possible to parallelize this "loop".

I know there are a few packages for parallel computing in R but I don't
know whether it's worth trying them. Have anyone used these packages

I have a linux machine with two 700-MHz processors and 256 Mb RAM. I
know it's not too much, but I hope to save some time by using both

Thank you in advance.

             Virgilio Gómez Rubio

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en Epidemiologia i medi ambient 

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