[R-SIG-Finance] Installing RDCOMClient, Rbloomberg from source

Mercurio Danilo 1850 SPI Danilo.Mercurio at Sparinvest.com
Mon Sep 6 10:53:02 CEST 2010


I am trying to install RDCOMClient and RBloomberg from local .zip data. (At work a cannot do otherwise).

I have downloaded both windows binaries zip data from CRAN (RBloomberg) and omegahat (RDCOMClient).

However I get the following message:

> library(RDCOMClient)
ERROR: Package 'RDCOMClient' was built for R 2.10.0 please install new package.

In fact I am using R 2.11.1
On the web page   http://www.omegahat.org/RDCOMClient/ I found the following suggestion:

To build the package from source, we can now use the usual R CMD INSTALL RDCOMClient command now that these R utilities work on Windows.

However, I do not really understand what I have to do.

I would be extremely thankful for any suggestion!!!


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