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Wolfgang Wu wobwu22 at yahoo.de
Tue Aug 31 15:42:39 CEST 2010

Hello Jeff,

thanks for the reply. Updating to version 0.7-5 fixed my problem. Thanks.

 Wolfgang Wu

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Hi Wolfgang,

Sorry for the problem.

The last CRAN push included new subsetting code (which has actually
existed in the package along side of the old subsetting code).  The
new code is designed to be more complete for all cases (ironically),
but wasn't in the tarball before being sent to CRAN.

The R-forge version (now at 0.7-5) fixed this.

The new version will be sent to CRAN today to address, and should be
on on the mirrors in the next day or so. For now you can get the
R-forge version via svn.


On Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 7:42 AM, Wolfgang Wu <wobwu22 at yahoo.de> wrote:
> I have updated to version 0.7-4. Unfortunately I can't remember what my 
> version was, but I think it was something like 0.6-x.
> Now when I run this example I get a different result to running the previous 
> version. I've looked through the release notes but couldn't spot anything
> obvious. Maybe I've just overseen something.
> ctExpiry <- xts(c("BO_N0", "BO_NO", "BO_Q0", "BO_Q0"),
> order.by=as.Date(c("2010-07-12",    "2010-07-13","2010-07-14","2010-07-15")));
> print(ctExpiry)
> print(ctExpiry[1:4])
> I have some code that relies upon both these outputs to be identical, however
> when I run it with the updated version of xts I get:
>    print(ctExpiry)
>           [,1]
> 2010-07-12 "BO_N0"
> 2010-07-13 "BO_NO"
> 2010-07-14 "BO_Q0"
> 2010-07-15 "BO_Q0"
>> print(ctExpiry[1:4])
>     [,1]
> [1,] ""
> [2,] ""
> [3,] ""
> [4,] ""
> Any ideas? Thanks for the help.
> Regards,
> Wolfgang Wu
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