[R-SIG-Finance] xts problem after version update

Wolfgang Wu wobwu22 at yahoo.de
Tue Aug 31 14:42:05 CEST 2010

I have updated to version 0.7-4. Unfortunately I can't remember what my previous 
version was, but I think it was something like 0.6-x.
Now when I run this example I get a different result to running the previous xts 
version. I've looked through the release notes but couldn't spot anything 
obvious. Maybe I've just overseen something. 

ctExpiry <- xts(c("BO_N0", "BO_NO", "BO_Q0", "BO_Q0"), 
order.by=as.Date(c("2010-07-12",    "2010-07-13","2010-07-14","2010-07-15")));

I have some code that relies upon both these outputs to be identical, however 
when I run it with the updated version of xts I get:

2010-07-12 "BO_N0"
2010-07-13 "BO_NO"
2010-07-14 "BO_Q0"
2010-07-15 "BO_Q0"
> print(ctExpiry[1:4])
[1,] ""  
[2,] ""  
[3,] ""  
[4,] ""  

Any ideas? Thanks for the help.


Wolfgang Wu

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