[R-SIG-Finance] access to real time market data

Cedrick Johnson cedrick at cedrickjohnson.com
Wed Sep 9 16:45:51 CEST 2009

The one service that was reasonably good for this was Opentick. They're 
no longer around, thus taking down 'opentick' package as well.

RBloomberg, yes, you need a BBG subscription. The base price jumped from 
$1800/seat/mo to $1900 last Dec. Realtime equities data is extra.

IBrokers, yes, you need to have an account... A couple of colleagues I 
know who can't quite go for the 1900/mo bloomy opened a IRA with IB and 
just pay the non-pro mkt data fee per month for US Equities. That may be 
the best way to go.


babel at centrum.sk wrote:
> Hi guys
> Are there a way how to access real-time market data (tick data, 1 minute data) for free in R? I know there are packages like RBloomberg or iBrokers but dont they depends on their commercial platform where you need to pay for account? Can I download real-time data,for example in quantmod, without paying for it? Thanks in advance
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