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You should get used to English terms
not saying what they mean.  However,
in this instance the term can make
sense if you change your picture to:

xlab = "Amount Learned"
ylab = "Efort and/or Frustration"

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Bogaso wrote:
> [Off-topic]
> ""steep"-learning curve" means what? which takes very little time to learn a
> lot of things? I thought steep learning curve means a curve with high slope
> and hence my conclusion. Can guys here please clarify that? If I am right
> then Stefan perhaps rightly asked a "FLAT learning curve" i.e. it takes lot
> of times to understand a small thing.
> Regards,
> Stefan Janse van Rensburg wrote:
>> Dear list,
>> I apologise for the fact that this is somewhat off topic, but I wanted
>> to know if the list could recommend some good books on R. My colleague
>> is new to both statistics and R and I would like to get him something
>> to ease the "steep"-learning curve. His knowledge of statistics is
>> quite limited, but being a PHD in applied maths I do not want to get
>> anything that will insult his intelligence.
>> Is Modern Applied Statistics with S still a good bet? I used it a few
>> years back and thought it was an excellent guide. I was, however,
>> already proficient with R and I'm not sure how good it would be for a
>> novice. Also, our work is mostly concerned with econometrics / time
>> series.
>> Apart from that, I am personally in need of a book covering state
>> space methods in time series analysis, possibly with applications
>> covering dynamic latent factor models. My preference would be for an
>> applied type book, especially one using R.
>> Any and all comments are welcome.
>> Kind regards,
>> Stefan Janse van Rensburg
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