[R-SIG-Finance] Vasicek model estimation via linear regression

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Hi Marco,

The discrete time Vasicek model at partition size dt (e.g. 1/252) is
given by:

X(t) - X(t-dt) = [a*b] *  dt - [b * X(t-dt)] * dt + s_e * e,   e ~

Run the following regression:

X(t) = A + B X(t-1) + v,  v ~ N(0,s_v^2)

The continuous-time parameters can be recovered from the regression
estimates using:

b   = -A/B
a   = -ln(1 + B)/dt
s_e = s_v * sqrt(2 * ln(1 + B) / dt) / sqrt( (1+B)^2 - 1)
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I have to check mean reversion with a Vasicek model for a time series.
As you certainly know Vasicek process is discribed by following formula:

dXt = a(b-Xt)dt + sdWt   (1) 


To estimate the parameters in my data I can use this expression:

Xt - Xt-1 = a(b-Xt-1)Dt + se   (2) 

Xt: time series at time t
Xt-1: time series at time t-1
a: unknown parameter
b: unknown parameter
Dt: in my case I can assimilate it = 1
S: standard deviation
e: error ~N(0,1)

Basically, I want to estimate unknown parameters a and b using a linear
regression. Usually I work on linear regression with lm() function but I
don't undertand how formulate my (2) model in to lm command. Can anyone
give me some suggestions?

Thanks in advance.




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