[R-SIG-Finance] Preprocessing RData file (Was: Kdb (Was: high frequency data analysis in R))

Rowe, Brian Lee Yung (Portfolio Analytics) B_Rowe at ml.com
Thu May 21 19:52:51 CEST 2009

Is there any literature on the relative performance gain of
preprocessing data into RData and then reading into R? Does it breakdown
anywhere? I have 4 GB of data that I'm reading in and I/O is a large


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On 21 May 2009 at 11:13, Hae Kyung Im wrote:
| access (query) this huge database. I looked a little bit into kdb but
| you have to pay ~25K to buy the software for one processor. I haven't

True, but you can have "free" (as in beer) 32bit version that times out
two hours. That's not a bad compromise.    

I looked at it for a bit, and I has an R interface. (My blog has a patch
fix their then-broken interface to R's Datetime; I think they may have
integrated that by now).  Then again you can also pre-process into RData
files, or use hdf5, or use a gazillion other methods.   But the free
version may just help for the odd research project like the one Haky


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