[R-SIG-Finance] getSymbols in quantmod

Cedrick Johnson cedrick at cedrickjohnson.com
Thu May 21 02:07:11 CEST 2009

to specify start and end dates:

getSymbols("AAPL",src="yahoo", from='2008-03-01', to='2008-03-10')

getSymbols("AAPL",src="yahoo", from='2008-03-01', to=Sys.Date())

yahoo dow:

getSymbols("^DJI", src="yahoo", from='2008-01-01', to=Sys.Date())

As for the other parts: commodities/dividends, etc... I haven't used the 
yhoo or goog feeds for those, perhaps someone can shed some light on 
those particular functions..


babel at centrum.sk wrote:
> Dear friends
> I would like to ask you, if there is an easy way,how to determined the correct symbol and the correct way to write it. Some symbols work fine and one can easily make up what the symbols are for example
> getSymbols("GOOG",src="yahoo")
> getSymbols("AAPL",src="yahoo") 
> but how to find the other symbols for example currency pairs or commodities? Doesnt mean if they are from Yahoo or Google or FRED. Should I look in URL address in yahoo or google finance? And for which symbols I must specifie the start date, and other attributes? Some cheat sheet will surely help other people too. Many thanks you are doing a great job. 
> Sincerely Jan
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