[R-SIG-Finance] Quantmod problem retrieving data

Werner Erselina werner at erselina.nl
Thu Apr 9 14:59:14 CEST 2009


I'm investigating the package quantmod. However when doing the examples 
on the site i encounter some problems. Here is my output:

 > require(quantmod)
Loading required package: quantmod
Loading required package: xts
Loading required package: zoo

Attaching package: 'zoo'

       The following object(s) are masked from package:base :


Loading required package: Defaults
quantmod: Quantitative Financial Modelling Framework

Version 0.3-7, Revision 461

 > getSymbols("DEXUSJP",src="FRED")
Error in download.file(paste(FRED.URL, "/", Symbols[[i]], "/", 
"downloaddata/",  :
 cannot open URL 

In addition: Warning message:
In download.file(paste(FRED.URL, "/", Symbols[[i]], "/", 
"downloaddata/",  :
 cannot open: HTTP status was '404 Not Found'
 > getSymbols("XPT/USD",src="Oanda")
Error in do.call(paste("getSymbols.", symbol.source, sep = ""), 
list(Symbols = current.symbols,  :
 could not find function "getSymbols.Oanda"

As it seems, retrieving data via quantmod is not successful.  Anybody 
knows how i could solve this?



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