[R-SIG-Finance] Curvature related question

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You might want to look at the following paper which describes some simple
algorithms for determining turning points in business cycles.


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Is there a quick and easy way to determine how curvature changes (along
time) on a smoothed version (or trend) of a time series?


in the following code, I wan to check (possibly vith a combination of
rollapply function, where the peaks and troughs are on the idx variable
-and, IF they are peaks or troughs- which is a 15 day moving average of
the SP500 index...

    SP500 <- get.hist.quote("^GSPC", start = "2006-01-01", quote =
    idx1 <- rollapply(SP500, 15, align="right", function(x) mean(x))

Have experimented a bit with the derivatives functions but I can't make
it really work properly... The fact that the sequences are also  zoo
objects and I would like to retain their time stamp properties
complicates things for my code...

If there is a better and faster way (possibly finding a local max or
min), I would appreciate some pointers. 

Thanks in advance,



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