[R-SIG-Finance] Can't load the quantmod library, without errors.

pierre8r-list at yahoo.fr pierre8r-list at yahoo.fr
Thu Jul 31 15:34:23 CEST 2008

> Hi Pierre,
> Yes 0.0-15 is the released version.  The one you had prior
> that worked
> the way you wanted (with the indexAt arg for hours) is
> 0.0-16.  That
> source is on R-forge.
> I will make sure that 0.0-16 passes R CMD check today and
> upload that
> to CRAN, which should then post in a day or so.

Hi Jeff,

Do you feel it will resolve my question about the x4H data, data I expected and data I get ?
x4H <- to.hourly(xH,k=4, indexAt='startof')


> Thanks for pointing that out.
> Jeff

ente http://mail.yahoo.fr

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