[R-SIG-Finance] arfimaoxfit.ox and arfimaoxpredict.ox file needed

k.umair at lancaster.ac.uk k.umair at lancaster.ac.uk
Fri May 30 13:28:47 CEST 2008

Hello dear All
hope you all will be fine and ok
i want to inquire about one thing if you can guied me through this if
i have installed the fArma package in R but its has a cmmand to use which
is arfimaOxFit. for which we need to install the Ox package and do afew
thing which all i have done using the help from the fArma package Pdf help
guied from the R cran home page but there is a problem. they says to copy
ArfimaOxFit.ox and ArfimaOxPredict.ox from the directory "fSeries/data/"
but i am unable to find these two files any where in any package and even
on onternet, what can i do with it .

i hope i can get a valuable advice from you
if it is possible that you can send me these two files in attachement that
will be very nice

thanking in anticipation


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