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>From: Spencer Graves <spencer.graves at pdf.com>
>Date: 2008/04/06 Sun PM 08:38:58 CDT
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I've never used garchFit but one other possibility
is to use the fact that an ARCH model of the volatility
is the same as an AR whatever on sigma squared
, with some subtle, slight differences that I can't
recall. So, using that relation, you may be
able to use an AR ( so one of the arima functions ) 
but be careful because it doesn't imply EXACTLY 
the same model but it's close. 

I forget which text talks about the close but no cigar relation but my guess is that it's in Hamilton's or Zivot's text.

>      The last I checked, garchFit could not estimate a model with zero 
>for either of the garch lag parameters. 
>      The expert on current and planned garchFit capabilities is Yohan 
>Chalabi, and I've copied him on this reply.  Unless you hear otherwise 
>from him, I think it is best to assume that you can fit any garch(i, j) 
>model you want as long as both i and j are strictly positive. 
>      I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful. 
>      Spencer
>ihernan at stat.berkeley.edu wrote:
>> I am trying to use the library(fGarch) and fit a GARCH model but I am
>> interested in fitting a ARCH for the volatility.
>> If I use ~GARCH(5,0) then 5 autoregressive parameters are fitted but I am
>> just interested in the a_{t-5}^2 parameter. Is there any way I could
>> obtain this model using the function library(fGarch).
>> Thank you Irma
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