[R-sig-finance] Using summary function from and armafit with R2HTML

Joe Byers joe-byers at utulsa.edu
Wed May 17 07:02:14 CEST 2006

Has anyone used the summary function for an armafit object with R2HTML?

For example
result<-armaFit(data~arma(2,0), include.mean);
summary(result,doplot=false); # produces a full output of the results 
including coef stats, AIC, LL, and residual stats.
HTML(result); # produces on the model information and coef estimates.

I need the summary functions results printed to my HTML file.  I use the 
HTMLInitFile and need the insert graph capabilities.  Using HTMLStart 
does not provide the results I want.  Mainly I do not want a dump of my 
code as well.

Thank you

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