[R-sig-finance] RDCOMClient libarary compatibility

Murphy, Aran (US-Inst_Research & Strategy) AMurphy at russell.com
Tue Aug 23 01:35:16 CEST 2005

Hello Jonathan,  I received the same error when loading RDCOMClient at
first but then I found and used a different source package - omegahat's
http://www.omegahat.org/RDCOMClient/ - this worked when loading it from
the Packages -> InstallPackage(s)FromLocal Zipfiles menu option.

> require("RDCOMClient");
Loading required package: RDCOMClient
[1] TRUE

Please post on how yours goes. Beyond this part I haven't gotten far. 

Aran Murphy

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I am using a v2.1.1 build of R on windows and am trying to use the 
RDCOMClient library to download data from Bloomberg. When I attempt to 
load the library I get the error message:

Error in library(RDCOMClient) : 'RDCOMClient' is not a valid package -- 
installed < 2.0.0?

Am I doing something completely stupid or is my RDCOMClient package 
outdated? Where can I get the latest package?


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