[R-sig-finance] Rmetrics in Quantian, and packages for Debian

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Tue Jun 29 04:39:47 CEST 2004

Just a quick note to say that I created Debian packages from the four
components packages of Rmetrics. These are currently available at 

along with the changes, diff, sources and dsc files. These Debian packages
should get uploaded to Debian 'in the near future' -- as soon as Diethelm is
happy enough for them to be included in CRAN.

In the meantime, they are also included in Quantian which I released
earlier today, see

[ Quantian is a Knoppix-derivative for numbers nerds and includes extensive
support for R, as well as about 1gb (uncompressed) of other quantitative
software. Current Quantian images, while too large for cdroms at 1.2gb, can
be booted from both Windows or Linux partitions using clusterKnoppix as a
boot cdrom. Those with dvd burners can burn bootable dvds; those without can
order them pre-made for a nominal fee -- see the Quantian pages for details. ]

Regards,  Dirk

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