[R-sig-finance] Re: R-metrics new build

Phil morenzp at rogers.com
Mon Jun 14 02:14:33 CEST 2004


OK, so I'm knew to R and Linux.  How do I build this?  My guess is that I
have to download the R source (instead of just the binaries) and rebuild R.
Is this correct?  If not, some guidance would be helpful.

Phil Morenz

> *June 13, 2004
> Rmetrics - new Built 190.10055
> Rmetrics is an environment and a collection of functions
> for teaching financial engineering and computational finance
> *The new built should now run out of the box under Windows, Linux, and
> Mac OSX. In addition new functionality has been added, and some fixes
> has been done. New functions and example files have been added. Please
> inspect the FAQ and CHANGES <CHANGES.html> files. Goto: www.rmetrics.org .
> Suggestions are welcome!
> Diethelm Wuertz
> www.rmetrics.org

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