[R-sig-eco] Validation of mixed model for nested data

Javier Martinez Lopez javier.martinez at um.es
Wed Nov 24 14:52:45 CET 2010

Dear list members,

I am performing mixed models to relate the axes of a correspondence analysis
of environmental variables and the axes of a multidimensional scaling
analysis based on species frequencies. I am using mixed models (function
'lme') because I have a temporal data set at 8 different sites, containing
only two dates per site, so that site is a random effect for the model, MDS
axe is the dependent variable and the environmental variables axe is the
fixed factor (random intercepts model ). As a result, I get the following
model and graph, which I attach hereby. The residuals graphs look OK. The
question is whether such model is meaningful taking into account that there
are only two points per group and each site has a very different intercept.
Could I even try a random slopes and intercepts model? My goal is to test
whether there is a general relationship between the environmental and
biological variables, not to predict it. Besides, is there a way of looking
for a goodness of fit for my model?

Thank you for any advice,


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