[R-sig-eco] script editor

Jarrett Byrnes jebyrnes at ucdavis.edu
Wed Apr 23 19:08:31 CEST 2008

So, so far it seems like we have lots of votes for Tinn-R, a few for  
Emacs, and for those on linux, Rkward looks pretty rocking.

For those of us on OSX who are using the mac interface (I'm assuming  
emacs won't pipe to it) are there other good editors out there beyond  
the one that comes with R.app

Oh, and a quick note that I found buried in some documentation rather  
than an intuitive place: The R.app editor does allow you to pipe  
selected code to the console.  Highlight it, and hit apple-enter.


To call in the statistician after the experiment is done may be no  
more than asking him to perform a post-mortem examination: he may be  
able to say what the experiment died of.

Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher

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