[R-sig-Debian] installing tydiverse on Linux Mint

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd @end|ng |rom deb|@n@org
Tue Jan 2 14:30:20 CET 2024


On 2 January 2024 at 10:15, Ivan Krylov wrote:
| I've just read both scripts and I don't see them using sudo (the
| comments say it has to be run as root). Have you edited the script?

| You need to find this line in /etc/apt/sources.list* and replace
| victoria-cran40 with jammy-cran40.


| All these are due to the script running as your user, not the
| administrator account. Please double-check that you have the
| jammy-compatible script, not the focal-compatible script, and run it as
| the superuser.

Many thanks for carefully reading the log!

I wrote those r2u setup scripts (for focal and jammy) intending for folks to
_carefully_ do these steps one at a time, and checking for errors. That
wasn't the usage pattern here, apart from being on the wrong distro and under
wrong permissions. Using Unix and Linux can take some learning and I am sure
Luben will benefit from your careful tips which are appreciated as always.


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