[R-sig-Debian] Configure error: checking if libcurl supports https... no --- slight update.

Johannes Ranke joh@nne@@r@nke @end|ng |rom jrwb@de
Tue Aug 31 11:15:49 CEST 2021

> > I don't think so.  I did "sudo find /usr -name "*curl*" -print".  The
> > results are attached in the file "curlSearch.txt".
> Good thought as far as I can tell. Unfortunately the attachment didn't get
> through.

Oh, I just overlooked the attachement, it did get through. The listing clearly 
shows that you have a curl version in /usr/local/ that I would recommend to 
uninstall (preferably using make uninstall in the source directory) as 
suggested in my previous emails, as it is the likely cause of the configure 
error you came to report.

The Ubuntu curl/libcurl etc packages (that you should keep) provide the 
headers in /usr/include.


> > I am too ignorant
> > to discern what might be problematic, but nothing obvious leaps out at
> > me.  Could the stuff in /usr/local/include/curl be a source of
> > difficulty?
> Others on this list are far more qualified to answer this, but from my
> limited knowledge in this area I would say yes, it could.
> Johannes
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