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Is anyone out there? Too...whatever to consider an answer?Markusklerer at sxmail.de schrieb (05.02.2016 01:17):Dear list,[a] now is apparently the time, the R version I have installed so far has reached its days' end.[a1] Back on R help mailing list-I have to admit openly-I was advised so under the impression of being unnerved on the part of the corresponding R expert responder to a certain degree by the question of mine whether there were any error messages or unresolved dependencies to expect associated with other R packages (perhaps missing thus far on the computer of interest) when one would simply un-compress compressed R package file folders into the R package folder of inevitable choice.[a2] As I want to put it clearly and honestly: I assumed not and continue not to assume that either R Help Mailing List or R Sig-Debian (Help) Mailing List would out-compete each other on that (as presented in [a1]) or any conceivable technical issue with R. To assign to R Sig-Debian (Help)
Mailing List and be further on assigned to the general R Help Mailing List is a conscious decision not to!
too-special problems which could not stem from any other source but from the operating system R is used on by me--consequently using a Linux distro at least similar to Debian for hosting and running R software on, brought that step with it logically (I at least perceive it that way...)-where they would not belong to.[b] As with other software on Linux Kubuntu 14.04 LTS, the user would have to use a command of the type "sudo apt-get autoremove [packagename]" as a root to finally get rid of that specific package.[c] The problem, as it appears to me right now, is: Which package(s) were one to discard and in turn to download and re-install a newer version of, so that eventually R by the end of this process emerges updated to a higher version number than one had previously (in my case R version still is 3.0.2) at one's disposal?[d] Any help on this issue is appreciated and welcome.[e] post scriptum: Is there a way/ possibility to conserve the bunch of R packages integrated into m!
 y recent
installation (especially those made available to R via installation by way of "Synaptic" Kubuntu Linux single-package installation manager) over time or would it rather be a matter of a separate "re-installation day"? Thank you very much in advance.Best regards,Markus Hofstetter

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