[R-sig-Debian] installing ROCR/gplots packages blows up memory

Andrew Ziem ahz001 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 21:48:15 CET 2010

When I try to install the ROCR package (which requires gplots) on
Ubuntu 9.10 (Xubuntu Karmic Koala) 64-bit on R version 2.9.2
(2009-08-24), it eats up all my RAM (2GB) and swap (4GB) and keeps
allocating more memory until Linux's out of memory (OOM) killer kills
the perl process.  This problem is special to Ubuntu because I can
install other packages (such as party) on this Ubuntu system, and I
can install ROCR/gplots on Windows.

Here's the installation log copied from the console (look for "Out of memory"):

How can I get gplots and ROCR packages installed?  I am not sure how
to get build log from Perl, and I would post it if you could tell me
how to find it.

Best regards,

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