[R-sig-Debian] Very general question about Debian...

Paul Gilbert pgilbert at bank-banque-canada.ca
Tue Sep 15 15:40:13 CEST 2009

There are lots of people on this list that will know better than me, but 
I think that Debian vs Ubuntu is not as important a question as  testing 
vs stable, or in Ubuntu terminology:  Administration/Software 
Sources/Updates/Release upgrade/ Normal vs Long term.  That is, whether 
you want frequent small upgrades or less frequent but more painful 
upgrades. If you have a desktop and new hardware then my guess would be 
you want Ubuntu Normal. If you are running a server on well known (old) 
hardware then you might prefer stable. There is a lot of gray area in 


Petar Milin wrote:
> Hello ALL!
> First, I apologize for sending question that spill-out from the scope 
> of this list. However, you might be essentially the best informants.
> In brief, I am thinking to give second shot to the Debian. Currently I 
> am using Ubuntu 9.04, but Debian still teases me, so to say. I used to 
> use Debian testing (Lenny at that time), but when Lenny became stable, 
> things became very shaky in testing camp. I need Linux/GNU for work. 
> And R is one of my main tools.
> In brief, my question is: Should I stay, or should I go?!? And then: 
> to which release?
> I like Ubuntu, polished and pretty stable, but Debian is its 
> mother-ship and I was very happy with it until that period of various 
> problems (lost graphical functionality, wireless, mic crashed and even 
> sound in some point, etc.). Only if I could reach constant stability 
> and flawless work.
> Thanks! Best,
> PM
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