[R-sig-Debian] rgl install failed...

Petar Milin pmilin at ff.uns.ac.rs
Tue May 19 18:28:08 CEST 2009

This last advice completely solved my problems with rgl. So, after 
apt-get install r-cran-rgl and apt-get build-dep r-cran-rgl, I did 
apt-get install nvidia-glx-dev, and then I was able to do 
install.packages("rgl") from R.

Thank you so very much for the patience!


Johannes Ranke wrote:
> Hi,
> * Petar Milin <pmilin at ff.uns.ac.rs> [090517 11:40]:
>> Hello, again!
>> Sorry for being tedious, that's because of having no experience enough,  
>> but I really want to learn.
>> Please, let me know what I am doing wrong now; I did following:
>> 1. apt-get install -t unstable r-cran-rgl
>> 2. then, from R, tried to do install.packages("rgl"), but that failed  
>> for same reasons as before:
>>    checking for X... no
>>    configure: error: X11 not found but required, configure aborted.
>>    ERROR: configuration failed for package ?rgl?
>> 3. then, I tried apt-get build-dep r-cran-rgl, and it went fine
> well, what did it install? I just did the same on my machine, and it
> wanted to remove nvidia-glx-dev, which provides the headers for the
> proprietary driver I am using with my nvidia card, and it wanted to
> install mesa headers. So if you use the nvidia driver like me, you
> should not use the above line, but just apt-get install nvidia-glx-dev.
> Works fine over here on lenny, using the R 2.9.0 from CRAN.
> Johannes
>> 4. finally, back to install.packages("rgl"), and now it failed for some  
>> other reasons:
>>    checking for GL/glu.h... yes
>>    checking for glEnd in -lGL... no
>>    configure: error: missing required library GL
>>    ERROR: configuration failed for package ?rgl?
>> I think I did everything you said in your previous letters. Please, bear  
>> with me and let me learn and fix this.
>> Thank you. Best,
>> PM
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