[R-sig-Debian] fluxbox, ess and redrawing r windows

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Thu Jan 29 20:54:53 CET 2009

On 29 January 2009 at 13:49, tyler wrote:
| I'm running Lenny with Fluxbox, interacting with R via Emacs + ESS. An
| ongoing aggravation with this setup is trying to get R graphics windows
| redrawn. 
| For example, I may have 8 or 10 R graphics windows open, and I switch
| between them using Alt-tab. The problem is, sometimes the windows remain
| blank. Sometimes I can get the display back by moving the window with
| the mouse, or switching focus away from the window, then returning to
| it. Other times, they just stubbornly refuse to show me their contents.
| The problem is compounded when I want to compare three or four plots at
| the same time - getting all four windows to show their contents at the
| same time is incredibly frustrating.
| Has anyone else experienced this? Anybody have any ideas how to fix
| this?

I think with the 'static' graphics model of R you are stuck with this
behaviour. I sometimes just force 'dev.set()' and another 'plot()'.

Switching to the JavaGD package / graphics device may help.  Speaking of
which, we now have rJava in Debian unstable [ and it installs fine on testing
] as package 'r-cran-rjava', so using these dynamic extension may now be


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