[R-sig-Debian] How to have multiple versions of R on Ubuntu 8.04

Matthieu Stigler matthieu.stigler at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 19:56:12 CET 2009


I want to use a special package (openMx: 
http://openmx.psyc.virginia.edu/installing-openmx) that runs currently 
only on R 2.9 but I have R 2.10 installed (from CRAN).

How can I do to have the two versions ( 2.9 and czrrent 2.10) running? 
Is there a trick with apt-get or should I compile 2.9 from the sources? 
And if yes, how can I specify a special path for R 2.9 so that by 
default 2.10 is used?

Thanks a lot!

Matthieu Stigler

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