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(Ted Harding) Ted.Harding at manchester.ac.uk
Sun Apr 5 21:05:53 CEST 2009

On 05-Apr-09 16:21:39, Michael Rutter wrote:
> Douglas Bates wrote:
> < Clip older material >
>>> I agree. I think we should not push down 2.9.0 on all Ubuntu users.
>>> Paul, given that Debian does have the 2.9.0 deb files ready
>>> for the picking, you could also try a chroot or virtual machine
>>> running
>>> Debian unstable. �By using a virtual machine (like virtualbox, very
>>> easy to
>>> set up in stock Ubuntu) you get a way to have the bleeding edge
>>> software
>>> running on your system without affecting the general stability of
>>> your
>>> system.
>>> Otherwise, take the Debian .deb source and ask us for help with local
>>> package
>>> builds based on those source (as e.g. right now where Debian's
>>> package has a
>>> debian/rules which uses dh_prep which you need to turn back to
>>> dh_clean etc
>>> pp). �I sometimes do that at work (eg to get current Debian MPI
>>> packages onto
>>> Ubuntu etc).
>> Would it be reasonable to put the beta version of the source packages
>> (and only the source packages) on the CRAN repository?  That way, the
>> response to those who want to try out the beta test version of the
>> Debian package could be to use
>> wajig build-depend r-base
>> wajig build r-base
>> and it should not, AFAIK, interfere with those who install the binary
>> versions of the package.
> I was just thinking that could be a possibility.  We would have to
> check 
> to make sure the stock Debian deb would work under Ubuntu, and make the
> necessary changes in the source deb.  In other words, manually make the
> changes that are in Vincent's scripts (that should not take much work).
> If I wasn't in the middle of grading 80 stat exams, I would give this a
> try.  Maybe later tonight or tomorrow to see how it works.
> Michael

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