[R-sig-Debian] Are there Debian/Ubuntu packages of the betaversions of R-2.9.0

Michael Rutter mar36 at psu.edu
Sun Apr 5 18:21:39 CEST 2009

Douglas Bates wrote:

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>> I agree. I think we should not push down 2.9.0 on all Ubuntu users.
>> Paul, given that Debian does have the 2.9.0 deb files ready
>> for the picking, you could also try a chroot or virtual machine running
>> Debian unstable. �By using a virtual machine (like virtualbox, very easy to
>> set up in stock Ubuntu) you get a way to have the bleeding edge software
>> running on your system without affecting the general stability of your
>> system.
>> Otherwise, take the Debian .deb source and ask us for help with local package
>> builds based on those source (as e.g. right now where Debian's package has a
>> debian/rules which uses dh_prep which you need to turn back to dh_clean etc
>> pp). �I sometimes do that at work (eg to get current Debian MPI packages onto
>> Ubuntu etc).
> Would it be reasonable to put the beta version of the source packages
> (and only the source packages) on the CRAN repository?  That way, the
> response to those who want to try out the beta test version of the
> Debian package could be to use
> wajig build-depend r-base
> wajig build r-base
> and it should not, AFAIK, interfere with those who install the binary
> versions of the package.

I was just thinking that could be a possibility.  We would have to check 
to make sure the stock Debian deb would work under Ubuntu, and make the 
necessary changes in the source deb.  In other words, manually make the 
changes that are in Vincent's scripts (that should not take much work).

If I wasn't in the middle of grading 80 stat exams, I would give this a 
try.  Maybe later tonight or tomorrow to see how it works.


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