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Michael Rutter mar36 at psu.edu
Tue Oct 28 18:51:03 CET 2008


Do you have the r-base-html package installed?  That package contains 
the html help files.


Fritz Scholz wrote:
> I have R 2.8.0 installed on Ubuntu 8.04. It seems to run fine,
> except for the html help interface. 
> I get help OK when doing ?mean on the command line, for example, 
> but when I do help.start() and try to get help for mean it gives me
> an error message:
> Firefox can't find the file
> at /tmp/RtmpwVDJYQ/.R/library/base/html/mean.html
> or in a new session
> Firefox can't find the file
> at /tmp/RtmpJklKkT/.R/library/base/html/mean.html.
> After invoking the above ?mean again on the command line
> it also produces an error message
>> ?mean
> Error in
> print.help_files_with_topic("/usr/lib/R/library/base/html/mean.html") : 
>   No HTML help for 'mean' is available:
> corresponding file is missing
> The directory /usr/lib/R/library/base/html
> appears to be completely empty.
> Can someone help me fix this problem? Did I miss something
> during the installation of? By the way, the same problem 
> occurred during an earlier R 2.6.2 version.
> Fritz Scholz
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