[R-sig-Debian] fonts in eps files

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Sun Mar 2 18:12:03 CET 2008

On 2 March 2008 at 15:51, tyler wrote:
| I've got a paper ready for publication, but the .eps files I produced
| are giving the editor problems. I received the following complaint:
|      I tried to rasterize the eps files you sent, but I got a warning
|      message that they contain a font that I don't have. The program
|      will substitute another font, which can result in different
|      placement and wrapping of the text as well as different
|      appearance of the characters.
| I think I've managed to produce an acceptable tiff, by importing the
| .eps file into Gimp at the required resolution (1200 dpi), and then
| saving as .tiff. However, it should be possible to use the .eps if the
| fonts are set up correctly? What am I missing here?
| I'm running R 2.6.1 on testing. I haven't done anything unusual with
| the R install, but I'm not sure about the fonts on the system. Is
| there a way to check that I've got standard fonts installed? I'm not
| sure where to start trouble-shooting this.

One idea would be to recreate your charts as .pdf and include those in latex?
Wouldn't that 'freeze' those fonts?  Maybe with an additional option to
include font files in the pdf itself?


| I'm Tyler Smith and I approve of this email.

Nice one, but a) there's campaign going on back north (though that may change
soon) and b) Canadian election laws don't require that as I recall.  It's
been a while since in lived in .ca though...

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