[R-sig-Debian] Problem installing some packages on Ubuntu 7.10

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Tue Apr 29 03:25:27 CEST 2008


On 28 April 2008 at 20:42, Brian Lunergan wrote:
| Recently moved over to Ubuntu 7.10. Installed version 2.7.0 of R from 
| the U of T site in Ontario, Canada. Working on installing Rcmdr as my 
| I could use some advice as to what I might need to add to my setup or 
| correct to get things to install. I'll deal with them one at a time so I 
| can follow through on any suggestions offered before moving on to the 
| next troublemaker. There are six involved, some of them being key 
| players in the desired setup. First up is XML. I've included everything 

For both, you could use the packaged versions available in your Ubuntu

  $ sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install r-cran-rcmdr r-cran-xml

Otherwise, you need to know which of the '-dev' packages to have installed to
be able to compile packages. So as a first step until you know your system
and its pieces better, stick with what's pre-packaged.


  $ apt-cache search r-cran-

shows you what's available. Far from all on CRAN, but a fair number.

Hope this helps, Dirk

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