[R-sig-Debian] X11 headers/libs

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Thu Dec 13 16:17:41 CET 2007

On 13 December 2007 at 08:40, Paul Gilbert wrote:
| I need to be able to build my packages and build R-devel to test them, 

I have been wondering for some time if / how we could provide 'r-devel' as a
deb for those interested.  

But I am not sure how to do it well from a technical standpoint.  It probably
makes less sense to be as fine-grained as the 'release' version of R is with
its 10 packages.  One quick and easy way would be to just configure with a
prefix of /usr/lib/r-devel and install the R frontend as Rdevel.

Is there a feeling in the esteemed audience that this would be a good thing?
How often would you want to see this updated?  Monthly?  How would we stop it
from going to Debian testing (and possibly be 'older' than a released R in
unstable) ?  Keep to Debian 'experimental' ?

Are there better suggestions about how to do this?

Cheers, Dirk

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