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Vincent Goulet vincent.goulet at act.ulaval.ca
Wed Jul 26 16:32:56 CEST 2006

Le Mercredi 26 Juillet 2006 08:28, Christian T. Steigies a écrit :
> On Wed, Jul 26, 2006 at 06:53:29AM -0500, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
> > Oscar,
> >
> > On 24 July 2006 at 15:44, oscar.moreno at att.net wrote:
> > | I'd like to use APT to install the latest edition of R in my Ubuntu
> > | 6.06 OS.  What is the entry that goes in the sources.list file?  Please
> > | spell it to me as clearly as possible.  I'm going nuts trying to
> > | download and install with APT to no avail.  TIA Oscar
> >
> > [ As an aside: you posted without being subscribed which means that I had
> > to hand-approve your post. I am unlikely to do that reliably (as it gives
> > the wrong incentives) so please consider subscribing before you post
> > again. ]
> >
> > All relevant URLs should be in the R FAQ. Thanks to the unfatigiable
> > Christian, we now have 'backports' of the current R to both Debian stable
> > and Ubunto 6.06.
> I guess the FAQ has not been updated for Ubuntu yet... you should be able
> to use the debian packages, but maybe the ubuntu packages are better
> suited, thats why I built them. Am I spoiling the users when I cite the
> FAQ?
> I have no idea which is the closest CRAN mirror to you, so I picked one
> semi-randomly:
> http://cran.stat.ucla.edu/doc/FAQ/R-FAQ.html#Are-there-Unix-binaries-for-R_
> It tells you to add this to sources.list:
> deb http://cran.R-project.org/bin/linux/debian stable/
> For ubuntu, replace debian by ubuntu and stable by dapper and it should
> work. 

Oh, so the Ubuntu packages are on CRAN now? Great! I have been using them 
happily for the last couple of weeks. Thanks again, Christian.

> BTW on my etch systems I now have sources.list.d directories, so we 
> could also provide the correct entry (adjusted for the mirror?) in one file
> which users would just have to drop into that directory to make it work.
> Disclaimer: I do not use ubuntu, so I have no idea if it actually works.
> And no, there are no AMD64 binaries (yet). 

Funny, just minutes ago I read Martin Maechler's post on r-help 
(https://stat.ethz.ch/pipermail/r-help/2006-July/109954.html) in which he 
states using Ubuntu 6.06 on dual Opterons!

> I haven't heard of anybody 
> running a desktop OS on a server, is there demand for AMD64 binaries for
> Ubuntu?
> Christian
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