[R-sig-DB] trouble with R postgreSQL

jobst landgrebe jlandgr1 at gwdg.de
Thu May 8 13:12:16 CEST 2003

Dear List,

since I installed R 1.7.0 on my machines, the interface to postgreSQL does not
work anymore. Till now, I used RPgSQL, but because it stopped working, I tried
Rdbi.PgSQL and DBI, which were both installed easily but did not work:

Rdbi.PgSQL could not be loaded via library()
> library(Rdbi.PgSQL)
Loading required package: Rdbi 
Error in firstlib(which.lib.loc, package) : 
        Could not load package Rdbi
In addition: Warning message: 
There is no package called 'Rdbi' in: library(package, character.only = TRUE,
logical = TRUE, warn.conflicts = warn.conflicts,  
Error in library(Rdbi.PgSQL) : .First.lib failed

And DBI did not allow loading of a postgreSQL driver:

 > dbDriver("PostgreSQL")
Error in do.call(as.character(drvName), list(...)) : 
        couldn't find function "PostgreSQL"

Can anyone help me to get to work one of the interfaces with R version 1.7.0?
I have postgreSQL 7.2

Thank you very much in advance.

J. Landgrebe

Dr. Jobst Landgrebe
Universitaet Goettingen
Zentrum Biochemie
Humboldtallee 23
37073 Goettingen

tel: 0551/39-2316 oder -2223
fax: 0551/39-5960
web: http://www.microarrays.med.uni-goettingen.de
mail: jlandgr1 at gwdg.de

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