[R-pkgs] update openSTARS

Mira Kattwinkel k@ttw|nke|-m|r@ @end|ng |rom un|-|@nd@u@de
Tue Feb 15 10:11:39 CET 2022

Dear R users

There is an update of openSTARS available on CRAN (now version 1.2.3), 
fixing some problems in correct_complex_confluences.

openSTARS provides GIS functionalities to delineate streams from DEMs, 
derive catchments of sampling sites along streams and intersect with 
potential covariates of stream monitoring data. It also prepares the 
data to be further processed by geostatistical regression models using ssn.

All the best,


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Quantitative Landscape Ecology
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University of Koblenz-Landau
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