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Fri Feb 4 21:31:59 CET 2022

Dear R users,


I am pleased to announce that v0.2 of the spacejamr package is now available
on CRAN.  This package enables social network analysis when social network
data is unavailable. spacejamr simulates points from a spatial point process
or sequence in a user-specified spatial window, converts distances between
points into tie formation probabilities, and outputs an igraph object that
can be analyzed with normal network analysis methods. In addition, the
package includes plotting methods for spatial boundaries, point processes,
and social networks.


Some changes to this version are:


            * Users can decide whether to use the coordinate reference
system in the supplied shapefile or let the as.spacejamr() method find the
best projected CRS.


             * spacejamr no longer depends on the methods package.


            * In line with new versions of the spatstat metapackage,
spacejamr now calls functions from spatstat.random to simulate spatial point


Please check it out here:



For more details on the methodology used in the package see:

Carter T. Butts, (2002, ISBN:978-0-493-72676-2), "Spatial models of
large-scale interpersonal networks."


Best regards,


Darren Colby


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