[R-pkgs] Announcing ECoL 0.1.0

Luís Paulo F. Garcia lpfgarcia at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 11:27:45 CEST 2018

Dear R users,

I am pleased to announce that the package ECoL (Complexity Measures for
Classification Problems) is now available on CRAN (

The ECoL package provides measures to characterize the complexity of
classification problems based on the ambiguity and the separation between
the classes and the data sparsity and dimensionality of the datasets. This
package provides bug fixes, generalizations and implementations of many
state of the art measures. The measures are described in the paper: Tin Ho
and Mitra Basu (2002).

Please, visit the repository on GitHub (
https://github.com/SmartDataAnalytics/ECoL) for more information.

Kind regards,

Dr. Luís Paulo Faina Garcia
Department of Computer Science, University of Leipzig

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