[R-pkgs] New package uaparserjs 0.1.0 - Slice up browser user agent strings

Bob Rudis bob at rud.is
Mon Aug 8 16:52:40 CEST 2016

I keep forgetting I can announce things here.

[Insert witty/standard boilerplate introductory verbiage here]

CRAN: <https://cran.rstudio.com/web/packages/uaparserjs/index.html>
GitHub: <https://github.com/hrbrmstr/uaparserjs>

Until Oliver and/or I figure out a way to get uap-r
<https://github.com/ua-parser/uap-r> working w/o Boost, this package
provides a way to parse browser user agent strings that are found in
web logs, proxy logs, PCAPs, etc.

This is about 100x slower than uap-r as it's based on javascript
modules that I've built a V8-wrapper around.

It doesn't work on i386 Windows due to v8-library (not the V8-package)
limitations but it works on 64-bit Windows (prbly better off
installing from github for that as CRAN is marking this non-Windows
due to the i386 incompatibility).

If you're on Linux and can deal with a full Boost install and have
need of user agent parsing, use uap-r (it still won't work on Windows
or macOS). Otherwise, give this a go.

I've tested in on a number of OSes but welcome feedback and I'm sure
both Oliver & I would welcome hints on alternatives to Boost regex
that work on all OSes for uap-r since I'd eventually like to replace
this with that.


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