[R-pkgs] New release of MAVIS (Meta Analysis via Shiny) v1.1 now on CRAN

Kyle Hamilton kyle.hamilton at gmail.com
Fri May 1 03:22:33 CEST 2015

Dear R users,

I'm pleased to announce that the first major update to the MAVIS
package (Meta Analysis via Shiny) has been released to CRAN.

MAVIS: Meta Analysis via Shiny v1.1 "Smiling Fox" has expanded greatly
over the last couple of months to include the following.

- User interface has been improved with the ‘shinyBS’ package and icons.
- Support for single case design, dichotomous data sets, and
additional effect size calculators.
- Expanded options for the detection of publication bias.
- Expanded support for both random effects and fixed effects models
with the 'metafor' package.
- Dichotomous data entry now available with input examples.
- Graphical outputs for funnel plots now allow for contour enhancement.
- References to articles covering methods described in MAVIS are now
easy to find.
- Knapp & Hartung Adjustment for random-effects models is now available.
- Regression test options for the detection of publication bias now
include both Weighted Regression with a Multiplicative Dispersion Term
and Meta-analytic Models.
- Users may now have the option for full model output.
- Single Case Design Data Entry now uses the ‘shinyAce’ package to
allow for easy data entry.

The package is developed using GitHub, and more information as well as
the current development version can be found at

William Kyle Hamilton  -  Graduate Student
University of California, Merced  -  Psychological Sciences
psychology.ucmerced.edu - kylehamilton.com

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