[R-pkgs] Version 3.16-0 of Hmisc now on CRAN

Frank Harrell f.harrell at Vanderbilt.Edu
Mon May 4 22:23:27 CEST 2015

Several updates have been made to the Hmisc package:

Changes in version 3.16-0 (2015-04-25)
    * html.contents.data.frame: corrected html space character to add 
    * ggplot.summaryP: added size of points according to denominators
    * colorFacet: new function
    * labelPlotmath: added chexpr argument (used by rms::ggplot.Predict)
    * rcsplineFunction: added type='integral'
    * summaryP: fixed bug with sort=FALSE using mfreq when shouldn't
    * summaryP: stored levels(val) in original levels order
    * summaryM: removed observations added by addMarginal when computing 
N in left column of tables
    * html.latex: added method for htlatex, added where argument, 
cleaned up code, implemented file='' for knitr when using html/Rmarkdown
    * summaryM, summary.formula: changed calls to translate to gsub()
    * summaryP: corrected but in exclude1 logic, moved exclude1 to 
methods that operate on summaryP objects and out of summaryP itself
    * addMarginal: respect original levels, add argument margloc
    * added latticeExtra:: in front of function calls
    * numeric.string, all.is.numeric: replaced options(warn=-1) with 
suppressWarnings() (thanks: Yihui)
    * arrGrob, print.arrGrob: new functions
    * wtd.var: added maximum likelihood method, fixed unbiased method, 
improved documentation (all provided by Benjamin Tyner)
    * Changed all any(duplicated()) to anyDuplicated(); thanks Benjamin 
    * getRs: new function to interact with 
    * knitrSet: new function to setup knitr with nice defaults for books 
      * rcorr: fixed sensing of NAs and diagonal elements of n matrix; 
thanks: Keith Jewell, Campden BRI Group; similar for hoeffd

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