[R-pkgs] Release of phia 0.2-0

Helios de Rosario helios.derosario at ibv.upv.es
Mon Feb 16 23:11:49 CET 2015

Dear R users,

I want to announce an update of the package "phia", version 0.2-0, now
on CRAN:

"phia" (Post-Hoc Interaction Analysis) is aimed at the analysis of the
expected values and other terms of in linear, generalized, and mixed
linear models, on the basis of multiple comparisons of factor contrasts,
and is specially suited for the analysis of interaction effects. The
function "testFactors" provides a flexible user interface for defining
combinations of factor levels and covariates, to evaluate and test the
model, using the function "linearHypothesis" from package "car".
"testInteractions" gives a simpler interface to test multiple
comparisons of simple effects, interaction residuals, interaction
contrasts, or user-defined contrasts. "interactionMeans" may be used to
explore the "cell means" of factorial designs, and plot main effects or
first-order interactions.

This update incorporates some minor bug fixes to previous versions, and
a new feature that had long been requested by some package users: the
report of the error associated to the adjusted values calculated by
functions like "interactionMeans". Now the standard errors are printed
together with the adjusted values, and the plot method for interaction
tables adds error bars with the size of such standard errors, or
asymptotic confidence intervals based on such errors.

In addition, I would like to refer the package users to the development
repository in GitHub: <https://github.com/heliosdrm/phia>, where new
contributions, issues/bug reports, and other comments are welcome.

Best regards

Helios De Rosario

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